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Name: Kathryn B.
Location: JUPITER, FL
Member Since: 6/16/2009
Kathryn had to say...
Mailed over 4400 dvds here on swapadvd!! That includes TONS of blu-rays and a huge nubmer of bazaar transactions :-)

I have more movies than I could probably watch in a year, but I still love getting more!

For buddy swap:

I have a ton of stockings, so I'd actually request you don't buy me a stocking this year. Maybe some other cute holiday storage box or something else I can use as a decoration (if you want - otherwise nothing is needed)

I love candy of all kind pretty much. My favorite non chocolate is sour gummy worms. I also like jellybeans. Chocolate you almost cant go wrong I like all kinds but especially peanut butter (I don't eat coconut). I like 100 calorie packs for snacks too!

Decorative items, I love beach themed stuff and sea shells. Im really into local art/crafts from all over the world, so something thats specific to the local of where my buddy comes from would be really cool. We have several tart burners and love burning new scents. I like penguins and miniature animals. We loooove Doctor Who and legos.

Christmas wise, I like tree decorations the most!! Decorative boxes are kind of cool too, as I have lots of decorations and then I put the decorations in boxes and its kind of like 2 in 1 awesomeness.

Places we eat: only fast food chain we eat at is subway, but applebees, chilis, red lobster, carrabas, we have all the normals down here.

Places we shop: Target, Amazon, ToysRus, Barnes and Noble, Staples.

And of course, theres always movies lol. No books please. Please check with the host first if ordering off my wishlist (I buy a LOT of stuff around black Friday time frame). Feel free to ask about a bunch of different ones so as not to "ruin the surprise" if you want.